The Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic (LTFHC) has been helping the communities living in the Lake Tanganyika Basin for over five years.

In this almost wholly neglected area we:

    • Deliver vital healthcare
    • Distribute necessary medical supplies
    • Establish important communications hubs
    • Gather essential medical data
    • Build strong relationships with the people and the governments of the region

WAVE- Water Based Aid, Value, Engagement

The conflict ridden, resource rich Lake Tanganyika Basin has become vital to the well-being and interests of the planet, and our work is now recognized as crucial to its stable growth and development. The pace of our being called upon for counsel by parties with strategic interests in the basin has been so significant that it encouraged us to also evaluate whether we should evolve our brand. WAVE is the result; we conduct our policy and advocacy work under this aegis.

With these new relationships, we also hope to generate increasing understanding of the value a floating hospital ship can have for millions living in the basin, as well as the strategic interests of those who wish to engage there.