Africa-based Team

Aris Macos, Field Operations Manager (Kigoma, Tanzania)
Jack Amon, Tanzania Field Staff (Kigoma, Tanzania)
Augustine Kubikonse, DRC Field Staff (Moba, DRC)
Vincent Tshowe, DRC Field Staff (Moba, DRC)
Anderson Nkwayu, DRC Coordinator (Lubumbashi, DRC)

Aris Macos
Field Operations Manager – Kigoma, Tanzania

Of Greek descent, Aris has spent most of his life living around Lake Tanganyika. An autodidact who has built his professional career working on or around the lake, Aris is a results-focused management professional with 30 years of progressive leadership experience. From 1988 to 2010, Aris managed his own company in Burundi and the DRC based around industrial fishing, trade, and building and maintenance of fishing and cargo boats. During that time, Aris also volunteered for three years with G3T/NGO during Burundi’s civil war. In 2010, Aris decided to shift his professional career towards the humanitarian/development sector and began work as a procurement/ logistics and operational coordination manager with DanChurchAid in the area of Humanitarian Mine Action.

Aris has extensive knowledge of the Lake Tanganyika Basin and its populations, both on the DRC and Burundi sides of the lake. Combined with his specialization in the field of operational coordination, logistics, administration and HR coordination, and as well as his knowledge of navigation and mechanics, Aris is perfectly suited for the role of Field Operations Manager of the LTFHC/WAVE, based in Kigoma.

Aris is fluent in English, French, Swahili and Greek.


Jack AmonJack Amon
Field Staff – Kigoma, Tanzania

Jack works closely with the Regional Project Manager assisting with administrative tasks, as well as other core day-to-day deliverables for the Kigoma head office. Jack used to work as a full time businessman selling his crops in countries around Lake Tanganyika basin (Zambia, Burundi and DRC) before he transitioned to working as a full time employee of LTFHC as a field staff in Kigoma, Tanzania. Jack studied in Kigoma from primary school through his secondary diploma in Computer Sciences.  Jack is married and currently resides in Kigoma Tanzania.  He is fluent in English and Swahili.


Augustine KubikonseAugustine Kubikonse
DRC Field Staff – Moba, DRC

Born in the Katanga Province of Congo, Augustine Kamizonga Kubikonse, a Congolese citizen, spent most of his life in a refugee settlement. When the war broke out in 1998, Augustine fled to Zambia where he stayed in a refugee camp called Kala, before returning to Congo in September 2009. An electrician by profession, Augustine completed computer training and was offered a job within the camp; he started training his fellow refugees, Zambians who were living near the camp, and the sub office UNHCR staffs.

Educated at Evelyn Hone College in the capital city of Lusaka, Augustine studied and got his certificate in English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Upon graduation, he worked as an English teacher for the refugee community under an organization called HODI, a partner of the UNHCR Zambia.

Augustine currently works with various American humanitarian organizations in both Zambia and DRC. He works as a community liaison for the LTFHC, has worked as an interpreter for the American organization FORGE for nearly five years, works for The REEL Project as a part-time media and information clerk, and for the Center for Victims of Tortures (CVT) as a part-time interpreter.

Augustine is married and the father of three children and currently resides in Moba Territory in Katanga Province. He is fluent in English, French, Swahili, Tabwa, Bemba and some other dialects and likes watching soccer, playing music from all over the world and making friends.


Vincent TshoweVincent Nkobongo Tshowe
DRC Field Staff – Moba, DRC

Born in Moba, DRC, Vincent Nkobongo Tshowe, a Congolese citizen, studied in Kirungu from primary to secondary school and went on to receive a diploma in Teaching. When war broke out in 1998, Vincent fled to Zambia and lived at Mwange refugee camp. Here, he studied English as a Foreign Language (EFL) from Evelyn Hone College in Lusaka/Zambia, studied law at the University of Zambia and worked as an English teacher at Mwange secondary school; he was voted a section leader, a health committee chair person, and a Mwange refugee camp spokesperson by the Mwange Refugee community. Vincent also attended many health-related workshops such as: HIV/AIDS-STIs, Malaria Control Disease, Community Based Water and Sanitation. He worked as a SGBV (Sexual and Gender Based Violence) Program Assistant and at the same time as a Magistrate Court focal person. Vincent and his family were repatriated in September 2009. Fluent in French, English, Swahili and Tabwa, he has worked as a translator with the following agencies: UNHCR, FORGE, WORLD VISION, HODI, MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES, and the LAKE TANGANYIKA FLOATING HEATH CLINIC. Vincent has been working with the Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic since April 2010. He is married and the father of 7 children.


Anderson NkwayuAnderson Nkwayu
DRC Coordinator – Lubumbashi, DRC

Anderson Nkwayu Bwemere is a Congolese citizen born in Bukavu, South Kivu, who currently resides in Lubumbashi, the capital city of Haut- Katanga Province. He studied in the DRC from primary school through his secondary diploma in Commercial Sciences. Anderson studied International Relations/International Law at the University of Lubumbashi. He has worked for various mining companies in Katanga, including KAMINEX as the Technical Director’s Assistant, as well as ROQ Mining as the Assistant to the Operations Director. He started his own import-export firm, Hurakan Logistics, where his position is General Director.

Anderson lived through the war in Eastern Congo and was a refugee in Mozambique before returning to the DRC. He is fluent in French, English, Portuguese, Swahili, and other African languages. He has been working with the Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic since the spring of 2010.