Ship-building Team

We have assembled a world-class team of ship-building and medical space engineers, who have completed concept designs, as well as the construction and running-cost estimates for the ship.  We are now preparing to launch a major effort to mobilize resources for its implementation.

James Moran, Alion Science and Technology
Major Songoro, Songoro Marine
Richard Baldwin, Mobile Medical International Corporation (MMIC)
Andreas Gottrup, JGH Marine
Brian Bartlett, Vessel Consultant

Brian BartlettBrian Bartlett
Vessel Consultant

Brian Bartlett is a former Coast Guard engineering officer and currently works as a management consultant in the Boston Consulting Group’s Washington, DC office. After graduating from the Coast Guard Academy, Brian served for two years as a shipboard engineer and boarding officer, followed by three years managing ship repair projects for the Coast Guard’s Pacific Area patrol boat fleet. Brian started working with Amy on the LTFHC project on a voluntary basis while in graduate school and continues to offer assistance as needed.  Brian holds a BS in Operations Research from the US Coast Guard Academy and an MBA from The University of Chicago – Booth School of Business.