Far-sighted companies already understand the balanced relationship between last mile communities and the developed world. They appreciate that to encourage global development and stability they must create mutually beneficial relationships with local communities. Partnering with our team is the perfect way for multi-national corporations to gain the local knowledge and contacts needed to gain influential local allies to aid corporate development and build community engagement.

Our organization has attracted plaudits and media attention around the world for its ‘putting people first’ approach to service delivery, its ability to work with the actualities on the ground as well as the waters of the Lake Tanganyika Basin and its ingenious approaches to problem solving.

This is the smart 21st century model for undertaking sustainable business in developing areas that creates mutual benefits, demonstrates good business practice, and mitigates risk.

WAVE’s key offerings include:

    • Educational immersion into political, environmental, social and health-related issues to partners from all sectors
    • Networks (Political/Governmental)
    • Strategic Counsel – helping non-profit, corporate investment strategy
    • Collaboration – our organization is a proven implementing partner in areas of health delivery, health-based technology, research, data collection, infrastructure